July 29, 2009

Korea has hipsters too...

Katie's latest life adventure has taken her to South (obviously) Korea to teach English and avoid getting a real life grown up job for at least another year. And while i'm very jealous and missing her a lot already lets get over that for a second and talk about how much I hope to be spotting her pretty face very soon up on the totally amazing Korean party/street style blog thexoxokids. Start saving up your pay cheques Katers for some outrageous cell phone charms and an LV fanny pack and i'll keep lookin for snaps of you in the international blogosphere.

A story about two strangers. One a little stranger than the other.

I desperately hope this movie makes it to South Korea. If not, please go see it for me and revel Adam and Beth's cute romance.

Is it really lame that I have considered ordering one of these?? Especially when this is the infomercial. This might just be the reason i've been looking for to call and activate my new credit card.

oh! you pretty things

July 25, 2009

bye for now + fifi lapin

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning and wanted to leave you with the worlds most stylish bunny - Fifi Lapin. Bunny kisses xxx.

July 24, 2009

Anthropologie: 101

I lasted in my first year Anthropology course for a total of one week before switching to a much more contemporary study of culture (which I then spent six years of education over-analyzing). My relationship with the similarly named retail outlet however has proven to be a much more long-term commitment. And when Anthropologie finally opened its doors in Canada in April I was thrilled at the arrival of this retail gem this side of the border. The only problem? The highly anticipated store opened at Shops at Don Mills ... a so-called 'outdoor lifestyle centre' (ie: stripmall) that is so far North it might as well be cottage country. However, much to my delight, the retailer opened a downtown location last week at 80 Yorkville Ave.

The new Yorkville store offers two floors of girlie clothing and accessories and shabby-chic inspired home decor. The store feels like a grown-up Urban Outfitters (which seems about right since it is owned by Urban Outfitters Inc) where the graphic tees and toy cameras have been replaced with feminine work appropriate blouses and vintage inspired home accessories and gardening tools.

Now that Anthropologie is much more accessible for downtown dwellers i'll definitely be enrolling for the Fall fashion season. My favourite find? Their collection of handsome menswear inspired shoes that are perfect for the office (if i ever manage to find a real job) or sunday brunch (a much more realistic activity for me to particpate in).

pretty flowers

by Muscari Floral Atelier (Thanks, Carlos).

July 22, 2009

Hidden Gem: White Elephant Vintage, Hamilton ON

White Elephant Vintage is filled with hand-picked vintage delights. From typewriters and dishes to a unique collection of accessories, this little shop is absolutely worth a visit (or two...or three).
Look for: Lee Meszaros' 'Merit Badges' and give (hilarious) credit where credit is due!

We've been like Sid and Nancy for months now

This is not a love story

But i still can't wait to see (500) Days of Summer

July 17, 2009

wise words...

...of encouragement from Learning To Love You More.

Matte Made in Heaven

For me the (very brief) warmer weather means drinks on patios, summer dresses and blister inducing footwear that require a perma pedicure. For this reason I was thrilled to learn that everyone's favourite polish purveyor OPI has launched a new collection this month. I really like the idea of designer collections that I can afford (at $10 a bottle its pretty budget friendly) and this summer's Matte collection is on a whole new level of polish innovation. Rather than coming up with new colours (because we all know they're running out of witty names for "red") OPI has relaunched six of their most popular colours in a new matte finish.

Unlike regular satin polishes this new collection has a very distinct un-shiny look. Imagine dipping your fingers in white out or perhaps colourful wall paint? You get the idea. While lacking sheen the matte polishes are anything but dull and are definitely a unique take on our old favourites. The colours (From the Top Left-Right) Russian Navy, Lincoln Park after Dark, You don't know Jacques, Alpine Snow, La Paz-itively Hot and Gargantuan Green are available now and are definitely a must have for summer toes.

July 15, 2009

Style Stalker: The Bachelorette

The re-run wasteland that is May-September provides an excellent excuse to become (casually) addicted to really really bad summer reality television. Whether they're dancing, modeling, singing or just looking for love the crazy characters of reality tv provide enough drama to get me through those long summer nights.

This year's resident Bachelorette is Vancouver native and Bachelor reject (ouch) Jillian Harris. Dubbed by CityTV as "Canada's Sweetheart" (not to be confused with this obscure CBC docudrama from 1985) Jillian is faced with the incredibly difficult task of making out with lots of different suitors while working on her tan and jet-setting around the world. And while the men have been rather dull (with the exception of Wes the evil country singing cowboy and Tanner the awkward foot festish guy) it's been Jillian's wardrobe that has kept me tuning in for two hours every monday night (yes i need to get a life).

I've been coveting (and copying) Jillian's cute and casual clothing throughout the series. From her many TNA hoodies, silky wilfred tops and variety of plaid ensembles its no secret that she's a fan of can-con in her wardrobe. Also not so secret...the tons of free swag she was given by Aritzia before going on the show. And while we might not all be lucky enough to have wardobe makeover funded by ABC, at least many of her clothing options are affordable and accessible (ie: Aritzia, XXI and French Connection) for us non reality tv stars.

And so, even if you're not a fan of scripted reality showmance Jillian's wardrobe might be enough of a reason to tune in to the Bachelorette this season. If you don't have time to stalk her style these helpful blogs here and here have tracked down many items already...which makes me feel a lot less creepy about obessing over her outfits.

July 13, 2009

love letters.

spread le love