February 24, 2010

watch things on VCRs

I used to have stacks of VHS tapes, on which I recorded countless episodes of Friends, select episodes of Felicity, Dawson's Creek, and Buffy, music videos (mostly Backstreet Boys), and lots and lots of movies. It was always a chore to go through and find the clips I wanted as I never properly labeled any of the tapes. Although, looking back, that was part of the fun. My collection was heaped into a cabinet and I often used to sit, sort, and deliberate over which one to watch. I'd pop the chosen tape into the VCR and see what surprises it had in store for me. I feel nostalgic just thinking about the whole procedure. This bittersweet feeling is why I really like Hollis Brown Thornton's work (which I first saw here, and then again over here). These drawings (!) and paintings (!!!) of VHS tapes remind me very much of my childhood and the hours I spent watching things on VCRs.

February 22, 2010


1.&2. the sartorialist 3. turned out

I would very much like to wear any one of these outfits today.

February 21, 2010


Have you missed me? I've been losing myself on the streets (and in the stores) of London for the past week. Today, somewhere in between cobblestoned markets and Sunday roast, I picked up these lovely little postcards to send home. Although I love them so much I think I might just have to save them for myself.

February 20, 2010

the considered ensemble

Thanks to So Much to Tell You for posting this website - what a refreshing take on street style blogs.

blue jean baby

I've never been one for jeans (just ask Jessica). However, after years of never wearing denim (but still on the hunt for the perfect denim shirt), I've finally invested in a blue jean vest. It's by Cheap Monday and I love it - it makes me feel a little bit edgier than usual, and also a bit like I'm channeling my inner outsider:


While it was fantastic being in Shanghai for the Chinese New Year, the downside was that many shops were closed. I did, however, manage to pick up this antique picture book (and the perfect pair of vintage round sunglasses). The images are beautiful and although it cost next to nothing, it's one of my favourite souvenirs that I've acquired since being in Asia.

February 18, 2010

non plus one

"We were influenced by 60s New Wave films and my uncle's house," said Gia.

Here's a really cute short by Gia Coppola (Sofia's niece) and Tracy Antonopoulo, featuring Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman prancing around in Opening Ceremony's S/S2010 Collection. It's nice to see Kirsten Dunst again, looking so lovely, and the whole thing makes me wish it was summer (but at least glad that it's Friday).

February 17, 2010

my fair lady

Peter Jensen Fall 2010 RTW
images from style.com

I want to wear these outfits right now.

February 13, 2010

I heart you and stuff

For those of you who love love, Happy Valentines Day.

February 12, 2010

long live McQueen

It's a sad day for those of us who love sky high heels. R.I.P. Alexander McQueen. It's been a wild ride.

in china

British Vogue, 1979

I'm off to Shanghai early tomorrow morning to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and I really can't believe it (as it usually takes until I'm in the air for these things to sink in). Armed with a most reliable travel companion (and a handsome boy), I'm looking forward to visiting here, to shopping and eating in the French Concession, and to taking lots and lots of pictures. Happy New Year!

February 11, 2010

good morning midnight

My life, which seems so simple and monotonous, is really a complicated affair of cafes where they like me and cafes where they don't, streets that are friendly, streets that aren't, rooms where I might be happy, rooms where I never shall be, looking-glasses I look nice in, looking-glasses I don't, dresses that will be lucky, dresses that won't, and so on.

-From Good Morning Midnight, Jean Rhys
(via via)

in the nude

Jessica and I both love nude (er, make-up coloured) clothes. Lucky for her, she'll be flitting over to London quite soon, which will make it easier to indulge in this charming, buttery collection by Richard Nicoll for Top Shop (if only they shipped to Canada - or Korea for that matter). I love those tiny hearts, which are delightfully appropriate for a rapidly approaching Valentine's Day. Now, if only the warm weather would hurry up and I could get my hands on those high-waisted shorts.

my baby just cares for me

a gift from the gods

Karen Walker Eyewear Sun Gods Collection

I don't buy expensive sunglasses. Ever. In fact, I've been loyal to the same pair of vintage, translucent shades for the past couple of years. However, for this latest collection from Karen Walker, I think I'll make an exception (and start saving my pennies now). I deeply love those round tortoise shell frames. The rest of the collection is fantastic as well - and how great is this campaign? I think I like it more than the vampire one from last season, if that's even possible.

lovely coupling

My parents, looking handsome, in print.