October 30, 2009

McQueen's McCrazy heels

I always have to laugh when Katie informs me about a new high-heeled acquisition and then inevitably reveals that in fact she's purchased flats with a barely there one-inch stub on the sole. Obviously, she's a fan of the kitten heel. So I can only imagine how she might feel about the horrifyingly high footwear from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection. Towering over even the highest of high heels these monstrosities measure an insane 12-inches. Yikes. It's good to know even the clackers (Devil Wears Prada reference, anyone?) over at Vogue can't handle these stilettos on steroids. Although, somehow I'm sure that Lady Gaga will find a way to pull them off.


  1. well, I would be seven feet tall, which is so not okay.
    (also, i almost fell about 5 times today in my 'kitten' heels on the way home from work. damn uneven sidewalks).

  2. oh my. i'm not sure but i think i hate them. can you imagine katie and i trying to get around on these? too funny.

  3. How do you walk in these?? Vogue is right..these models do deserve some credit!