October 2, 2009


Oh my gosh, Blossom's available on DVD! If you've never watched this '90s gem, then here's your chance to get to know Blossom Russo, one of the most fashion-forward teenagers in television history. Not to mention that her best friend, the fast-talking Six, is one of my most favourite sidekicks of all time (in part because growing up I was often compared to Blossom's besty for her tendency to ramble on at an almost incoherent pace). I just watched an episode (for the first time in probably over ten years) and it was filled with pure '90s fashion eye candy: oversized sweaters, Doc Martens, polka dots, leggings, cool hats (minus the daisy), denim on denim, crazy patterns, acid wash minis with fringe, and so on. Capitalizing on Blossom's true hipster fashion, American Apparel is selling the first two seasons on their website. In 'my opinionation' both should definitely have a place in anyone's DVD collection (especially since included is a featurette devoted to the show's inspiring fashion).

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