October 13, 2009

Leafy skies & homemade pies.

October means thanksgiving feasts, colourful foliage and non-stop plaid ensembles. This past weekend I made the treck to the country to take two of my favourite people apple picking here - where $10 will get you a month's worth of handpicked apples and all the tractor riding the four year old in you could ever dream of. From Macintosh to Mutsu I¹ve managed to pick an assortment of pommes that will warrant a pie or two.

Unfortunately, since I seem to lack Katie's baking talents in the kitchen, I¹ll need some serious help whipping up the perfect pastry to complement my newly acquired bushel of fruit. If anyone out there wants to share their best (and preferably idiot proof) apple pie recipes with me, I promise to play Julie and Julia and blog about how it goes.

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  1. smitten kitchen apple archives:


    * breakfast apple granola crisp = amaaaazing