October 21, 2009

TO Fashion Week: Jason Meyers

"An elegant take on what the reluctantly growing-up girly-girl wants to wear now"
SNP for Eye Weekly

Looks like Toronto fashion's not so weak at Fashion Week. Now considering i'm such a reality show junkie its pretty shocking to note that I actually have never seen an episode of Project Runway. With that in mind, I had no idea who Jason Meyers was or why I should care - well, until now. Living vicariously through much more VIP style bloggers I took a peak at Meyers' Spring 2010 collection and I think we can all agree...swoon. Bubblegum pink and dove gray ruffles paired with black leather gloves and lace up heels made for an impressive debut post reality tv land. And thank goodness, the strong shoulder is here to stay.

Sidenote: these photos are phenom and are graciously stolen from Miss Jenna Marie Wakani (via Toronto Life) who is not only a fabulous toronto based shutterbug but also one of my only office friends and a fellow OTHS classmate, alongside Mr. Jak and Jil of course ....no big deal.


  1. shame on your for never seeing project runway! tim gunn is so amazing. (and the show is pretty much the best).
    also, jason meyers is from hamilton! i saw him once on the go bus fresh off the tails of last season.

  2. hmmm I like this collection. My fav are some of the purple dresses that you didnt show here...