February 8, 2010

(almost) currently reading

Currently I'm in between an internship and a fantastic traveling adventure to Malaysia (by way of LDN) to visit my parents. As a result, I'm stuck in a kind of life limbo. As such I've been spending a lot of time at Chapters nursing lattes and reading exotic foreign fashion magazines I can't afford to buy. Today I decided to dust off my Christmas gift cards and pick up some plane reading material for my upcoming trip. I've been lusting after both of these little literary gems for a while now but have resisted purchasing them because I've been trying to hunt them down second hand. After several failed trips to a variety of dusty old bookshops I decided today that I would finally treat myself. I'm excited to sit down with these - although I'm sure Katie's already combed through both (knowing her love of Miranda July and the film adaptation of Lynn Barber's biographic tale). Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to hold off reading them for the next week until I take off.


  1. I specifically remember you fondling July's short stories last summer at the Eaton Centre Chapters, at which point I told you to buy it! I'm glad you finally did.

    I haven't 'An Education yet', but want to! Let me know how it goes. It covers a lot more ground than the film did (ie. into and far past her university life, onto marriage, etc). And she had already written chapter two when her husband died. so it will be interesting to see how the rest of the book reads.

    p.s. have you read 'what i loved' yet?

  2. I saw An Education on the plane - and was thinking of you the whole time knowing your love of Paris. Looking forward to borrowing the book - poolside. See u soon!