February 2, 2010

burger b

some photos from a recent trip to Burger B, Hongdae, Seoul

There's a (relatively) new burger joint in Seoul, and I'd been meaning to post about it since first visiting last November. Burger B has quickly become one of my favourite places to grab a weekend bite (thank goodness it isn't any closer to my apartment) due to its fantastic service, relaxed atmosphere, delish illy coffee... oh, and its burgers! The restaurant hasn't become overly busy yet, but Nylon Korea just did a write up about it (who knows what it said, though), and it's getting some play on the Seoul food blogging scene. However, if you're just passing by, the irresistible scent of homemade burgers wafting onto the street makes it almost impossible not to stop in - and if in the area, you'll be glad you did. They make a pretty good milkshake, too - yum.


  1. I really want to eat one of those BBurgers but it looks frustratingly big to bite. I would like to see more action shots of you eating the yummy food you photograph.

  2. haha - i usually have to eat it with a knife and fork!

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel hungry right now!!
    i heard the owner'd worked at sheraton walkerhill, w walkerhill and CJ which is one of the biggest companies in the food industry in korea, and graduated from cornell university in the state! he has fabulous career!