June 16, 2010

space hamilton

Another surprise in Itaewon.

Space Hamilton hosted an Open Market Art Co-op (for art works, books, magazines, used things, food, and clothing) last month.

I fell in love with the space.

Especially the decaying walls. And the name, which was a little reminder of home.


  1. Oh. This place looks cool! Thanks for sharing! I should check out Itaewon next time.

  2. it's been a while since i checked your blog out, but i gotta say, i was happy to see a post referencing hamilton upon my return :)
    when do you leave korea?
    PS: you should set up a twitter account for your blog!


  3. I think you're almost like reporter of Time Out Seoul!!(which isn't exist:) should make one) And thanks for the post below!very sweet:)

  4. MK - you definitely should head to Itaewon on your next trip (at least for a brief visit). It has some great spots!

    Mariam - I know, I miss hamilton! Carlos and I will be leaving Korea at the end of August (I'm so sad).

    Jung - Ahhhh, thank you! I love your work! So does my mother - I'm going to get her a copy of the Herbs book the next time I go to The Book Society.