June 2, 2010

takeout drawing

Itaewon keeps surprising me. When I first visited this former expat ghetto last year I took one look around and left in a hurry, deciding that it was so not my scene. However, my most recent visit was filled with delightful surprises. One being Takeout Drawing, a cafe/artist residency, that served up both great atmosphere and a much-needed chickpea salad. I hadn't had a single chickpea since coming to Korea, so when I saw that this was offered (on their take-home zine/menu) I ordered it immediately. Roasted chickpeas, pine nuts, spinach, dehydrated strawberries, garlic - yes please! They also have a dangerous spread of carbs, which certainly won both my boyfriend and I over. As for the clientele, there were plenty of stylish Koreans lounging on the artificial turf, sipping on espressos and Moroccan mint teas, and luring in those passing by (myself included).


  1. scribble..scribble...taking down notes! Thanks for sharing :) Very pretty pictures as usual!