April 28, 2010

once upon a manicure

The Shrek Forever After Collection
Who the Shrek Are You, Whats With the Cattitude, Rumple's Wiggin, Ogre-the-Top Blue, Funkey Donkey and Fiercly Fiona.

Today, in bizarre collaborations I never could have imagined: the folks at OPI thought that a film about an ogre and his motley band of furry friends would make great inspiration for a new range of cartoon coloured polishes just in time for summer. Strangely enough, I kind of agree. A bright palate of blues, purples, and, yes of course, ogre greens make up the soon to be released Shrek Forever After collection. Coinciding with the launch of the fourth and final (you promise!) installment of the franchise, these shades are as bold and offbeat as their namesake - not a pink or red in sight! Personally I'm loving the pastel blue What's With the Cattitude but true Shrek fans will fall for the swampy green Who the Shrek Are You.


  1. hmmmmmmm which colour first??? I hope my pinky nails gets these colours in ASAP...and then you and I need to plan a mani-date!!

  2. do you know anyone who is a true Shrek fan?

    i also like the pastel blue.

  3. bahah...you know what - I kind of liked the first one, don't tell anyone okay, I certainly didn't think "hmmm that ogre skin green would look good on my nails" though

  4. I just got my toes done in ogre the top blue!!!