March 10, 2010

strawberries and tea

There are few things more delightful than afternoon tea with scones, even better when dolloped with gluttonous amounts of homemade strawberry jam and cream. So imagine how happy I was to discover that this quintessentially British tradition is thriving just a few hours outside of Kuala Lumpur (my home for the time being). A three hour road trip takes you on a winding journey outside of the city to the picturesque countryside of the Cameron Highlands. In stark contrast to the skyscrapers and Starbucks of KL these lush green hills are a rural wonderland dotted with tea plantations, strawberry farms and plenty of wild orchids. Amongst the breathtaking landscape is a charming little English Tudor style hotel called The Smokehouse where we stopped for quite a while to enjoy the colourful rose gardens and some sweet homemade treats. I would definitely recommend a visit for anyone who finds themselves craving some colonial comforts on this side of the globe.

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