August 25, 2009

the breakfast club

I don't understand when people coolly remark that they 'don't eat breakfast', or when they think that just a black coffee is a good substitute for the quintessential morning meal. Growing up, my mother made sure we ate the meal religiously and always had something delicious on the table to wake up to (photo 5 is from her kitchen!). My sister always says breakfast is her only motivation to get up in the morning. I couldn't agree more. Now excuse me, I'm off to go poach an egg.

p.s. If you aren't very good at poaching (which I feel is the best way to enjoy eggs), head over to Smitten Kitchen for some excellent tips.

1 comment:

  1. agreed. i can devote endless time to breakfast prep, and yet never nearly as much attention to dinner.

    unless it's breakfast FOR dinner (my dad's specialty when i was a kid)