August 16, 2009

Happy birthday, dear Jessica...

I know this post is a little early, but I'm 13 hours ahead over here in SoKo - which means it's already a special someone's birthday! So without further are 10 reasons why I am celebrating the birth of Miss. Napier:

10. She's a brunch enthusiast. And who doesn't love someone that appreciates a good brunch.

9. Not only is she a blossoming fashion photographer and blog writer, Humanitarian Napes is on the planning committee for The Amazing Race Against Time, in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

8. She knows that goat cheese, roasted red pepper, pesto, and sundried tomatoes are what really constitute a good meal (not to mention she can whip up an impromptu breakfast like a pro when her guest is feeling a little... under the weather).

7. She is an incredible party planner: from a nautical themed birthday bash to rainbow bright pride soirees, this girl really knows how to throw it down.

6. She's somewhat of a globe trotter. Luckily Jessica takes some pretty fantastic photos, which make it easier to live vicariously through her many travels.

5. She can dress with the best of them - and doesn't mind spending the day scouring vintage shops in T.O to find some hidden gems.

4. She is absolutely hilarious and can come up with a quick pop cultural reference faster than you can say Chuck Bass wears purple suits.

3. She's an avid reader - and I've got love for anyone who shares my interest in reading the satirical memoirs of gay men.

2. She loves white wine and multi-grain tostitos more than I do... or maybe the same as I do... or maybe almost as much as I do.

1. She knows that: La minita, cinnamon buns, mixed cds, the Koreans, pastel man, glasses to-town, team (not so) hella-tight, snooty combo platters, long beads, Locke Street, quotable cards, the bean eater, second floor mills, bean bar pesto, orders to comply....are the foundations of a beautiful friendship.

Happy Birthday, Napes!!! Love, Katers xoxoxo


  1. awesome top 10 the shout out to the Amazing Race Against Time! (Thanks Katie!)

    Happy birthday Jemma!

  2. katers this list is HILARIOUS!!! excellent work!
    ps jill gemma is with a GGGG
    happy b-day napesicle (b/c ill never call you gemma!)xo