August 13, 2009

This week in unimpressed

So Perez Hilton seems to have taken time out of his busy schedule of drawing cartoon penises and other defamatory doodles on Lindsay Lohan to launch a new website this week entitled CocoPerez. Now, while I am a relatively casual reader of Perez's snarky entertainment blog I am definitely unimpressed with his attempted foray into the world of high fashion. Attaching his psydonym to the name of one of fashion's most iconic female designers might be a bit presumptuous on his part. Especially since he has been photographed looking like this and this in the past. I'm not the most haute-coture creature out there but i'm pretty sure if you've ever considered wearing a shower cap on the red carpet you are NOT entitled to start your own fashion blog. Hilton told the Washingon Post that the site will appeal to "women and gays, maybe straight men. But it should definitely keep the ladies happy." Rather than keeping me happy this site kind of has me wondering how this makes any sense and why on earth the entire site is sponsored by the GAP? And so, while the so called "Queen of all media" continues to expand his empire this latest project has me hoping that he finds himself brushing up against a member of the BEP's entourage again very soon.


  1. Excellent post! I did LOL at this one! haha
    I don't think I will read Perez's new blog but if he was to come here and talk about it I would go to see him and wait in line for a picture!!

  2. I hate Perez hilton. A fashion blog? Seriously?

    no way.