August 6, 2009

get smitten

While I do love going out to eat, living in Korea (where my kitchen is hardly large enough to make, oh, a bowl of cereal, let alone a three-layer cake) has made me realize how much I miss cooking (and goat cheese - but that's a different story). Before leaving, the bleak economic climate had forced me out of restaurants and back to making lists, preparing meals, and dining in.

What I found, however, were that these comforting, homemade creations were often up to restaurant quality (and certainly more satisfying) - in fact, the few times I did make it out to wine and dine, I left with a swift case of what my mother calls 'restaurant regret'. For this new found skill, I have a fearless cook from a tiny kitchen in NYC, the creator of Smitten Kitchen to thank.

Filled with delicious photography, creative (& budget) recipes, and informative how-to's (pizza dough from scratch, anyone?), Smitten Kitchen is a must for those living on their own and interested in cooking something other than grilled cheese. For quick, easy, and recession-friendly meals, I highly recommend trying out the huevo rancheros and the goat cheese, asparagus, and lemon pasta. Both were in heavy rotation at the old Locke St. kitchen. Oh, and try everything else. Your stomachs (and wallets) are sure to be smitten. Trust me.

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