May 23, 2010

prints and cans

Carlos was testing out display options for his new prints (see more here). I am very lucky to live with someone who can so playfully brighten up our loft.

I picked up these colourful cans and egg cup at a pop-up Swedish antique store on Sunday. The woman who ran the shop was very kind - she gave us one of the cans as a gift because we had visited more than once. I was very surprised/delighted. All of the furniture she had was beautiful - if I was planning on staying in Korea, I would have wanted to buy so many pieces.


  1. the prints look excellent :) and i love the jars..

  2. oooh I really like that egg cup! Can you believe I actually had to teach Chris how to eat toast dipped in eggs (in cups)...he had never experienced this delish breakfast treat before