May 16, 2010

hongdae vintage

Here are my favourite spots for vintage shopping in Hongdae:

1. Divine Comedy
Divine Comedy has a fantastic selection of purses, silk scarves, and belts. The store is also run by the most stylish, charming boys ever (and, much to my delight, they model the clothes on their website!). Sadly, much of their divine clothing selection is on the small side for both Carlos and I, but we keep returning to visit the lovely staff.

2. Joux Joux, Japan and Italy imported vintage

This store is tiny, always packed, and too cute... how great is that elephant shirt?

This hidden gem is tucked away in a reconverted house (with an amazing, treasure-filled porch) about a block away from Divine Comedy. Much of the merchandise is imported from Thailand and Saudi Arabia (and there is an impressive selection to sort through) - they have highly covetable trench coats, purses, and sunglasses.

4. Salon Yong

This store has thoughtfully chosen pieces and the styling is very inspiring.

5. Finchley Road
I discovered this place recently - it's tucked away in a back alley that I don't normally walk up (the best places in Hongdae usually are). Here I found an amazing peach polka dotted coat and this place has the best selection of knick knacks. Although most of the odds and ends aren't for sale (Jessica, I tried to buy that nurse pug for you, but they wouldn't part with it) everything is very fun to look at.



  1. maybe a business opportunity for you when you move back to Canada!!!!

  2. OH. I have not explored this part of Hongdae before! Thanks for sharing these! I like that elephant shirt too :)

  3. These are all such beautiful shops. I really want to own a little shop, and these are such great aspirations.
    I love your blog, its all beautiful ♥

  4. LOVE your blog!!
    and these pictures...are so great! i want to go vintage shopping!!

  5. I have been searching high and low for vintage shops in Seoul but its tricky when you don't know where to start. Thank you! Any idea of opening times? Its my last day in Korea tomorrow and I'll be in meetings all day :,( xxxx

  6. hmm. hongdae is good, but apgujeong is best, I think!

  7. actually, first go to "Vivasell" in Sinsa-Dong for vintage purses and dresses, then go to "Dare" on Rodeo Drive (a quick 5 min taxi ride) for many other amazing things.

  8. awesome! just moved to seoul and am loving all these images. sadly it was raining when i explored hongdae yesterday, but its awesomeness could not be denied.

  9. Hi!

    Just wanted to let you know that Gyahaha has closed down. Also I was wondering if you have the address to Finchley Road?