May 16, 2010

take note: stationery shops in hongdae

Along with exciting vintage, Hongdae is also home to two wonderful stationery stores. They're conveniently located about a block apart from each other, across the road from the Aland.

1. Oval

Ooooh, this store is the best. It's discretely hidden up an alley, and I was so happy to find it. Oval has an exceedingly well curated selection of cards, antiques, notebooks, and magazines, most of which are imported from Germany and Japan. I love, love their calendar, which my boyfriend insists will be easy to recreate once we get back to Canada.

2. Spring Come, Rain Fall

I went into this store on my first ever trip to Hongdae, which was almost ten months ago. I remember being so excited by the selection and hoped it was a taste of what I could find in Seoul (it was). The woman who works there is lovely (and always pleasantly chatting away on the phone). The store exclusively sells O-Check Designs (which I love - and so does my mother) - I am so buying that deer figurine before I move back home.

There are many great little stationery stores in Seoul, but none that I find as charming and special as these two.


  1. Just pretty. Pretty pretty pretty everywhere :)

  2. Perhaps your love of stationery shops started with Mrs. Leonard's Rainbow Connection. Do you remember the handmade personalized stationery she made for you and how she wrapped it so beautifully. I too love stationery shops and was delighted to see pictures of the charming shops in Korea. The colourful tape no doubt came from one of them.