December 8, 2009

all that jazz

I've been wanting a pair of little jazz shoes for quite some time, and these ones that I spotted today would certainly do the trick. Osborn Design Studio, run by Carla Venticinque-Osborn and Aaron Osborn, sell these fair-trade shoes which are produced in Guatemala (a country I hold very near to my heart), with locally sourced materials. Plus, this particular pair is velvet and floral, which really is a perfect combination (the booties in the same print are also equally fun/covetable).


  1. I love these...although they wouldn't be very practical if you were at home right now...I wore Sorels today for the first time - and even though they're ugly as soon I was really really happy about staying warm and dry amongst the newly formed slush. Somehow velvet shoes seems like a very far off dream.

  2. i wore my sorels almost daily last year -it has to be done....just so practical!
    as for korea, it snowed for about 30 seconds on saturday and didn't stay on the ground. now it's mild again - (thank goodness, as my sorels are sitting in canada where they belong right now).