December 13, 2009

treeless mountain

I really want to watch this movie, by Korean director So Yong Kim. Treeless Mountain is set in Seoul and tells the story of two (very cute) little girls who are left to fend for themselves after their mother takes off in search of their estranged father. It was shown at the Toronto Film Festival last year - you can read the review here. Have any of you seen this?


  1. Looks beautiful. Apparently Korea has a really large domestic film industry, and it's one of the few populations in the world that watches more domestic films than international films in theatres. interesting!

  2. thanks, mariam!
    oooh - i can imagine.

    but it must be true, as i feel like their are so many korean films i need to see (as i have noticed the lack of international films) - to bad they don't all have english subtitles!