December 17, 2009

teach me to sew

photo by the selby
When I eventually make my way back to Canada, I want to a) acquire a sewing machine and b) learn to sew.


  1. Alas, your scottish grandmother [the foxy lady]is gone,she would have been the best sewing teacher you could find to give you the stitching in and outs, if you will pardon the pun,I can thread a needle without glasses but that is it after the button is attached.So your mumsy would be the the answer to your stitching dilema.GRM

  2. I will agree that your Scottish grandmother was the sewer. Do you remember the dance recital for Mrs. Hobbs. You needed a homemade dress and only the pattern for the bodice was provided (a cut out from newspaper) and the skirt was 3 times the fullness. Much too daunting for the novice sewer that I was. Gran at age 83 whipped it up perfectly.