December 22, 2009

tiny gingerbread houses

tiny gingerbread houses found here

Um, how awesome are these tiny gingerbread houses, made to perch on the sides of steaming cups of hot chocolate? I wish I could try to bake these - although my lack of oven would provide a slight problem. That being said, I simply love all types of Christmas baking (and was the lucky recipient of a goody-filled care package just this week thanks to my very talented mother and express posting). Gingerbread is, of course, one of my very favourites (which my mother can certainly attest to). To this end, some of my best memories growing up involve visiting the Lexington General Store to stock up on carefully hand-picked house adornments (i.e. 5 cent candies) and then coming home to bake/assemble/decorate my very own gingerbread house. This would then be displayed in our back hallway as part of a scenic ginger wonderland (which would slowly deteriorate every time I passed by). Sigh. I miss having an oven.


  1. Katie you are just as adorable now as you are in the picture.I remember everything, gathering all the materials, watching you building it, and taking the pictures, I just love the way you recall this most special memory.GRM

  2. this merchant family love is too cute.