December 6, 2009


story : Drawn in a heartily way, it is a story about a girl who can't communicate with the world and she wants to breed the baby fox :
so she carries the baby fox on top of her head to disguise
from her mother as it is a fox fur hat.
From experiencing one occasion at a time,
she learns to open her heart to the world little by little.
(from the publisher: textcontext)

Today, I came across foxhat, a darling picture book by Korean author/illustrator Seungyoun Kim. Deciding it simply must have a place in my permanent book collection, I brought it up to the counter, where, much to my delight, the cashier slipped it into a lovely paper bag adorned with leaping rabbits, and tucked a sweet little card in alongside (extras like this excite me). Kim wants to "continuously create book that are not easily forgotten after the first reading: books that are fresh and can be kept for a life time" - I think she's done just that with foxhat. I love the endearing English translation (it's available in both Korean and English), my favourite line being, "We are the best friends in the universe." God, I love Korea.


  1. katie one of your Scottish grandmother's proudest possessions was a fox fur collar which she proudly wore on extra special occasions.You story brought back lovely memories of such events.GRM

  2. Katie! i love your makes me miss you. hope you have a lovely christmas! wish you were going to be in sarnia, if you are, call me for coffees. love corey.

  3. I so love when the store that you purchase things from appreciates you as a customer and makes your purchase extra special.

  4. that last post was from JEM