December 10, 2009

got the blues

Pantone, a company billed as the "global colour authority", has just announced that Turquoise will be the it colour for 2010. Now lets ignore for a moment that there is a legitimate corporation that decides what colours will be in for any given season (can I have a job please?) and take a moment to consider next year's hottest hue. I adore turquoise jewelery but have never worn that much of the colour in my wardrobe - unless I'm vacationing in the Mediterranean, then it seems only appropriate to wear it everyday (paired with white of course). But a quick breeze around the here turned up some lovely images of blue-hued rooms and outfits that have me rethinking my neutral/pastel dominated wardrobe. Perhaps come the summer time (because I can't imagine this shade of blue/green looking good without a tan) I'll audition a couple of turquoise pieces.

Anyways, I'm not really sure how much Pantone's latest proclamation matters, apparently 2009's colour of the year was Mimosa - who knew? But regardless, I have one particular turquoise obsessed friend that will simply love the new-found fame her favourite hue is receiving.


  1. Pantone is my new favourite company!!

    I am currently wearing the it 2 different splashes...but now that I know its "in" does this give me free reign to have another tourquoise party??

  2. as long as you learn how to spell turquoise i'm in

  3. ...says the girl with the glaring comma splice in her post!

  4. hahahaha thank you "anonymous"!

    I'm terribly sorry jess ....I just like to make things as "english" as possible and like to think things should always have a "ou" always! i.e. its not flavor its flavoUr, its not neighbor its neighboUr....

    so i got it a bit wrong.....but you still love me.....