December 1, 2009

Calendar Girl

Finally it's December 1st and this is significant for two very special reasons. It's the first day I actually allow myself to start getting excited about Christmas (ie: playing this song on my ipod on repeat). And, it's time to start in on everyone's favourite Christmas countdown tradition - the advent calendar. While I love these beautiful crafty calendars, I myself am partial to the terribly retro dollar store specials. There's just something wonderful about those tiny wax chocolates inside, they always make me nostalgic for childhood stories of Christmases past. Speaking of which, let me share with you a rather hilarious memory. When I was eleven years old I broke into my cousin Hannah's calendar - craftily removing the tray of chocolate from the bottom so as not to disturb the paper doors - and stole a significant number of chocolates. Eventually I was caught (my lies to her about the 'chocolate factory screwing up' eventually found their way to my mother) and I am now forced to relive the embarrassing tale every Christmas when some (mildly intoxicated) family member inevitably brings it up at the dinner table.

But I digress. Anyways - I still haven't picked up an advent calendar (it just seems so sad and grown-up to actually purchase it for myself) so if any generous little elves want to leave one on my doorstep that would be just magical.


  1. that story is amazing. i loved "craftily removing the tray of chocolates from the bottom so as not to disturb the paper doors".
    my mother used to hang freshly baked gingerbread men on various trees throughout the house - i promptly would eat them, and hide the red ribbons from which they were hanging behind sofas/cabinets (why i didn't throw them out is beyond me). Finally, my mother told me that she used salt and pepper in the recipe to deter me from eating them. I tried them anyways, and realized she had been fibbing!

  2. I'm glad that we were both equally greedy and mischievous in our youth

  3. Jess you should just go get yourself an advent calendar .... its ok! i did it! :)

    ps. if you were still in Toronto I would have bought you one....but since you arent...dropping it off on your doorstep might be a bit far for me to go (unless you want to cover my train fare, taxi fare or zip-car fare)