December 1, 2009

we made a home

Eva, Austria
pictures: A Home for Alice (check it out!)

I've moved around quite a bit over the past few years - some places are more memorable than others and some I would certainly rather forget. My favourite of these temporary dwellings has been my apartment on Locke Street in Hamilton. I loved cooking in the spacious kitchen (how I took this for granted), hiding away in the cozy little bedroom, tucked at the back, and running across the street for a bagel in the morning - I could spend a whole weekend cooped up in there and not mind at all (except for when I was visited by a little whiskered intruder). Now, living in a high rise in Korea, I've had to turn a rather austere loft into some semblance of a home; a familiar haven within this foreign culture. And with the help of a special someone, it's become just that - a wonderful little space with some art on the walls, scrabble in the corner, and lots of silly dancing filling the room.


  1. you're so sweet. I want to visit your little abode

  2. A home is made by the home dwellers be it small, medium, or large, delightfull occurances and fond memories can be accumulated and told and retold again in the future.Have fun always!GRM