December 19, 2009

double take

"Gallery Six is pleased to present "Every Single Where" a collection of new works by San Francisco based artist Pakayla Biehn. Miss Biehn is a California native who now calls San Francisco home. Decidedly resourceful, she creates environments of curiosity and intimacy that resonate within painting, installation, drawing, and mixed media. "Every Single Where" marks her first solo show.

Pakayla Biehn's most recent body of work concerns her congenital vision disability, called Strabimus. Her eyesight consists of mutually exclusive images trying, unsuccessfully, to bond into a cohesive impression. She uses her own embodied identity as a starting point for her paintings and installations. Her goal is to find a visual language to negotiate the intersection of imagery and create a similar perspective to give the viewer an understanding of her own optical condition."

I wish I could see these pieces in real life. I can't believe they're paintings, not photographs - beautiful.

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