September 10, 2009

fine cuisine, indeed

Are you a trust fund baby in your late twenties about to be cut off from your parent's "flowing" bank account? Are you currently caught in a domestic dispute? Is your boyfriend texting you less? I have a little solution here that *might* work. Pack a lunch for that person. But be deliberate.

Luxirare, a "killer clothes + fine cuisine" blog is seriously mind blowing. I don't know who the girl behind this is (she doesn't give any details), but I want to know her (except for maybe not, as I'm afraid I would feel terribly inferior). The blog is filled with serious self-designed recipes (paired with gorgeous photos) and some serious self-designed clothes (check them out). This whole 'pack someone a lunch' post is unreal. I, too, pack someone a lunch daily, but mine is an incredibly far cry from this bento-box lunch (and certainly does not include complimentary truffle oil). Using the archetype of sushi rolls, she swaps the raw fish for turkey clubs and chocolate, pb, and banana; she has even wrapped little Cobb salads as dumplings. As dumplings!!! Not to mention the 'classy' jello shots added in for good measure - dirty martini jello shooters at your next party? I suggest you jump over to her blog and read the post yourself - it's most delightful. All I know is that I'd be sure to marry whoever was packing me this luxurious midday work of art, domestic disputes aside.

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