September 15, 2009

Silly rabbit.

We're just getting into that sweet spot of Fall where the leaves are changing and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, so the last thing you're probably thinking right now is ... Easter.
Well, tell that to Marc Jacobs who is having a serious case of mistaken season disorder. Designing for Louis Vuitton, he sent out a large handful of his Fall 2009 models in bunny ears. Its hard to say whether or not I kind of love or hate these hopping mad headpieces, but the fact that animal ears have started showing up on beloved style muses the Olsen twins has definitely got my attention. I wonder how long it's going to take H&M to hop to it and produce a slightly more wearable (a little less halloweeny) version of these whimsical wonders.

One thing's for sure: I'm sure Katie's fave (cartoon) girl crush Fifi Lapin will be very happy about this bunny inspired fall trend.


  1. ooooooh, I love this post! i was just talking about those animal headbands with carlos yesterday (they're already popping up over here...obviously). i think unwearable, though, olsen or no olsen.

  2. however, it would ensure that Kyle will most definitely hit on you... with his whole bunny love/obsession thing he has going on. and that's the idea, right?

  3. hahaha, Wendy!!! that comment just made my morning.