September 10, 2009

I want the money....that's what i want.

For those of you who don't know I have spent the last two years as one of the organizers behind a pretty cool charity event, The Amazing Race Against Time. Just like the reality show (although a little less around the world and a little more around Oakville) this scavenger-hunt style race is all about solving clues and competing in fun and sometimes really hillarious challenges. The event is aimed at teens and young adults and is part of the Million or More Oakville campaign aimed at raising money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation which works to help those living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. Last year we were amazed (no pun) when our event actually drew quite a crowd and we managed to raise just over nine thousand dollars. This year we want the event to be even bigger and better and as we enter the final planning stages for the race we are looking for sponsorship from friends and family.

So if you're feeling generous and you want to help out this amazing cause then why not check this out and support me in my effort to reach my reeeeally ambitious $400 fund raising goal. No amount is too small (seriously - you got a toonie? can i have it?) and currently my only donation is from myself...which is pretty lame.

Thanks in advance for all the love and if you want more info on how you can become involved with the race then email me at

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