September 11, 2009

pumpkin, and spice, and everything nice

It's the best time of year - The Pumpkin Spice latte has made its return to the Starbucks menu - if only I could get my hands on one (it hasn't made it's way into Korean starbs just yet - it's coming soon....I hope). I absolutely love pumpkin anything, not just in latte form. It gives me the warm and fuzzies, and reminds me that Autumn is here. My go-to cooking blog Smitten Kitchen has a Pumpkin Archive that is sure to satisfy any pumpkin craving that you may have (provided you like to bake). From pumpkin butter (1) to pumpkin cupcakes (3) , to a more ambitious pumpkin bourbon cheesecake (4), you just may just be all pumpkined out by October (if that's even possible). Bon appetit.


  1. Chris loves this post and anything pumpkin (which figure because hes a ginger)