September 12, 2009

the higher the better

My friend Andrea and I always used to put our hair in buns on top of our heads when we "couldn't be bothered" to do anything with it (i.e. spent too much time on a summer patio the previous evening). Luckily, WWWD validated this utterly genuis hair-do this past June, when they posted that these so-called Top Knots were actually quite in fashion. I love it. So easy, so cute, and it exposes the nape of the neck (which is lovely). We're into Autumn, and I am still sporting this look almost daily, as it is both fashion-y and teacher-y; again, total genuis.


  1. Jessica, also in the aritzia post below - just the amazing high bun, very Felicity, pre-chop.

  2. love the top knot bun everytime....i've been rocking it pool hair styles all summer long