September 17, 2009

OMG, B and her key.

Spotted: Looks like B and I share the same taste when it comes to accessorizing...
and I'm not talking about that questionable chapeau.

I have always loved keys. I think they have a magical quality to them, which probably has something to do with my childhood love for this book. Ever since then i've received and collected keys of all shapes and sizes. I love to hang rusty antique keys on my walls and a shimmery Tiffany key around my neck. So i'm absolutely pleased as rum punch to see my fave gossip girl strutting around in her own Fleur de Lis key, especially in a matching Tiffany Blue ensemble. I guess I'm not the only one loving these vintage inspired pretty pendants.

Photo (and other beautiful photos of keys of the non-Tiffany variety) found here.


  1. Are we thinking the chapeau was questionable? i liked it! they were at a polo match!

  2. well absurd hats are always appropriate at a polo match ... i think i would have preferred a wider brim - i think this came a little too close to looking like a bucket hat