September 8, 2009

girl crush: Au Revoir Simone

I've had an on again off again relationship with Brooklyn's Au Revoir Simone for the past couple of years, but their newest album Still Night, Still Light (complete with dreamy cover art) has me hooked in a big way. Lovely voices? Check. Multiple keyboards? Check. A Drum Machine? Check. Hard to please Pitchfork gave them a 7.8 (which is basically a 10) and described the latest album rather beautifully here:

The songs move with lathed elegance from skeletal to bursting and back again. The clich├ęs arrive at a breathtaking clip, imbued not with the melodrama of pop theater, but the earnest intimacy of a friend murmuring in your ear.

On repeat for me are "Shadows" and "All or Nothing". If you haven't checked these indie darlings out before, I highly recommend you do - especially if you need some pleasant company on a rainy day. I want to be friends with these girls.

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