September 16, 2009

Whip it good

While i'm definitely not cool enough to have caught Drew Barrymore's surprise bartending appearance at Sweaty Betty's a few days ago (or any other official or unofficial TIFF happenings for that matter), i'm still feeling the love for this former wild child's directorial debut.

Indie Darlings + Rollerskates ... movie date anyone?


  1. oooh, I wish I could go - that was the first time I saw the trailer and it looks better than i thought it would! I loved the picture on the link! Carlos went through a phase this summer where he wanted to model his look after Jamal (the bartender to right of Drew). "That's so Jamal" was said many times throughout this.

  2. hahahah oh THATS the elusive Jamal you spent all summer talking about - amazing!