September 22, 2009

Happy First Day of Fall

Ten Things to look forward to this Season

10. The return of the girls from The City and The Hills and all of our other favourite guilty pleasure reality TV indulgences.

9. Pumpkin Spice, it makes everything nice.

8. Saying see ya to sweating it out in the humidity and hello to wrapping ourselves up in cozy knits in the crisp Autumn air.

7. Donning our most creative costumery and heading out for a ghoulish Halloween style night on the town. Let's just hope we're not getting too old for this.

6. Tights....because unless you have legs like these, we could all use a nice opaque black stocking to help out a little. I'm loving that embellished legs are in for fall - can't wait to dress up office attire with some of these bedazzled numbers.

5. Apple picking - plaid shirts, hay rides, McIntosh apples and the delicious pies that follow.

4. The premier of Coco Avant Chanel, a film about the early life and loves of my favourite fashion icon.

3. That free all night contemporary art thing (aka: Nuit Blanche) lights up Toronto for the city's art lovers from sunset to sunrise October 3rd.

2. Little Miss Katie's birthday is just around the corner. I know we wont be together to celebrate, but she knows i'll be having an 'Autumnal' themed cupcake in her honour.

1. What am I looking forward to the most this season? Lazy Sunday afternoons (that I'm sure I will have a newfound appreciation for once I start working full-time) ... and potentially spending one of them re-enacting the magical fall scene in the photo above.


  1. I love the list (and feeling 'autumnal'). Too bad that it's still summer weather here - I want to wear oversized sweaters immediately. xo

  2. also, Coco Avant Chanel premiered here a couple of weeks ago - alas, I could not see it because it was in French with Korean subtitles. Why oh why did I drop high school French class.

  3. I would go just for the clothes...the beauty of Chanel is pretty universal

  4. Cant wait to see you sporting bedazzeled stockings!!!

    Ps. remember our fall walk last year?


    Jam Murray