January 20, 2010

apres ski

All the recent hype surrounding the Vancouver Olympics is starting to make me feel down right lazy. Considering I've never perfected any kind of winter sport (unless you count curling up indoors with a bottle of wine) I'm thinking this might be the year I finally manage to learn to ski.


After hurtling down a hill and crashing into a fence during an ambitious day out when I was 13 I decided that snow-based activities might not be for me. Excusing myself with my British childhood (we never had snow - surely I can't be expected to learn now!) I have gotten away with avoiding winter sports for a good ten years.

However, with a ski-obsessed boyfriend who is so adamant I learn he's willing to splurge on lift tickets and hot chocolates, it seems that I can't really ignore the slopes any longer. Hopefully I'll manage to endure...even enjoy...this ski-season. If anything it's just a fabulous excuse to wear a lot of Fair isle.

1 comment:

  1. skiing is the best - it's been far too long for me (although I do own a set of ski equipment somewhere).