January 25, 2010

bitchin' kitchen

After spending a summer living in the basement and eating only take out meals my mother finally finished designing her dream kitchen. Knocking out everything from the pink cupboards to the awkwardly placed bathroom - the new kitchen is a shiny modern masterpiece (if I do say so myself). A few months on (and one disheveled Christmas later) the space still sparkles. So much so that the kitchen remodeling folk came by this morning to photograph our family's eatery - in all its chrome glory - to show off on websites, in catalogs etc. After they left I thought I'd take some time to play The Selby and take a few snaps of some of my favourite kitchen things to share with you all.


  1. gorgeous - lets do brunch!!


  2. wow nice kitchen, I love the shape of the island, I always wanted one, but didn't think I had enough space, who designed it? Which country u in?

  3. brunch tips from my very favourite cooking blog:


  4. Kitchen is in Canada - design collaboration between "Mom" and Misani Kitchens at


  5. Wonderful kitchen and great photos. Why stop at the kitchen? - can we have an online visit through this beautiful home. My daughter will relate to cereal for dinner - she differs though as she has been house-sitting for us for some six months whilst we have been in Malaysia and I think she has cereal three times a day ! Kind Regards A.C.