January 7, 2010

the life aquatic

Lovers of marine life (the living variety - not the sashimi roll kind) will be pleased to learn that there are plans in works for a brand new 14,000-square-metre aquarium in Toronto. The proposed three-storey complex owned by Ripley Entertainment (believe it or not!) is slated to be developed in the heart of downtown under the C. (N. tower) - get it? .... All puns aside, I'm pretty excited about it. I have always loved aquariums, ever since my mother took my brother and I for an impromptu midweek field trip to the London Aquarium when I was ten years old. While the opportunity to skip out on school was cause for excitement in itself, it was the wondrous collection of sea creatures that I've always remembered. Well that, and my mother's refusal to allow me to adopt a penguin (an incident that has perhaps fostered itself in my bizarre adult obsession with these lovable creatures). Anyways, ever since then I've always found aquariums to have a rather ethereal quality - there is something so extraordinary about peering into a tank and losing yourself in another word. If you need any convincing of the romantic qualities of aquariums then you might want to revisit this movie.


  1. carlos wanted to adopt a penguin when he was younger, too. he said he would flood the storage room in his apartment building and keep it there.

  2. does this mean you'll come visit me more since this will be in my backyard?