January 14, 2010


If someone crept into my fantasies about opening my own restaurant and stole all of my ideas and then made them come to life the result would be Swirl.
The definition of a hidden gem this cozy spot is tucked away on the second floor of a pet supply shop in Leslieville (of course). The 600sq-ft space has been converted from a one bedroom apartment into a pint-sized wine bar complete with funky patterned wallpaper and reclaimed furniture (think: vintage sewing machine tables and church pews found on Craigslist). Due to the limited space inside this charming little spot the kitchen had to be removed, but the fact that the restaurant is missing an oven doesn't seemed to be an issue.
Fresh baked bread is paired with cheese (from the nearby Leslieville Cheese Market) and charcuterie, while edible spreadables like rhubarb chutney and savoury pates are stored and served in little mason jars. The vino (there's lots to choose from and it's affordable) is also poured into a petite pot in lieu of a boring old wine glass.
Someone needs to take me (and The Selby) here immediately.


  1. oooooh, fun. marinated goat cheese? yes, please.

  2. Next week a little day out in leslieville for sure!