January 4, 2010

white winter hymnal

A very white South Korea

Today I was lucky enough to be treated to a snow day, extending a wonderful vacation by one more day. I spent it playing in the park beside my building, sipping on a honey latte, and watching both Avatar and The Lovely Bones. Although the snow was quite a shock after being in balmy weather for the past eight days, it was a nice reminder of the Canadian winters I've (sort of) been missing.


  1. oh a snow day. Everyone is entiltled to one a year. I am so glad that it extended your holiday by a day. Did you make any snow angels?

  2. No snow angels, but lots of snowy pictures in the park. Sadly, in true Korean fashion we'll be teaching our missed classes on Saturday instead!

  3. how did you already see the Lovely Bones?? It isn't out here for another week and a half! i'm tres jealous